Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thank You

Hello Friends!

I'm a little late to share this, but I wanted to say Thank You for your support. We recently just hit 100,000 visitors! WOW! I never imagined that we would receive this much attention.

Since This Started

It has been quite a while since we started this blog. Our son had been taken away, and he was gone for 17 months. It was a hard battle, but eventually we got our son back and our family whole again. It wasn't without much pain, and we're still recovering 2 years after he came home. Our son and daughter never leave each other's sides. Whether this is due to their close age or the fact that she had to visit her baby brother at a DHS office, who knows for sure. But they love each other very much.

Both of our children have since been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Type III, which is a hypermobility branch of the disorder. My son has more severe symptoms, often having tiny pinpoint bruises and joint pain, especially in his feet. My daughter seems to have a less severe case, though she did just suffer an elbow injury that was made worse due to her naturally bendy elbows.

We're finally starting to break away from the damage caused by the judicial system. For the longest time we were stuck living with my in-laws. We were stuck there for 4 years! As you can imagine, tension builds up after a while. But now we finally bought our own house and can start raising our kids.

Still Seeking Action

Again, I want to Thank You all for your support. The battle isn't over as we are still on the "child abuse registry" that Oregon DHS keeps. We are trying to work with lawyers and public officials to change this law since it does violate our due process rights. We know this battle is hard, maybe one of the most difficult ones in life. Keep strong, and I hope that we can support you as much as you have supported us.

Daniel Dossey