Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tragic brutal mass murder in Connecticut...

Friday, December 14th was a sad day for our nation and our planet. 20 beautiful young children had their lives stolen from them at their elementary school, and 6 school staff also had their lives taken. This type of brutal attack leaves us all in a state of sadness and pain. It is impossible for us to understand why a person would do this. I know that I could never understand a motive to kill so many others, so many children with their whole lives ahead of them. I am a father, I love my children. I know that I can't let things like this change the way I parent, but these things stick in your mind whenever you make decisions for you kids. I don't cry often, but have been hard pressed to hold back tears when I think about what happened to the children and families in Connecticut.

Many people have reacted in their own ways. Some say we need more gun control, others say we need to teach our teachers to use weapons so they can protect children in times of danger. A lot of people have been sharing a picture with two signs, one that prohibits weapons vs. one that states that the staff are heavily armed. While I understand that this may seem good at a first glance, putting guns in school is not the answer, and as I see it would only lead to more trouble. We're not talking about a person's set of weapons, but rather the will for that person to commit an evil act. People have committed mass murders with bombs, axes, bows and arrows, they've pulled fire alarms, they've used poison. What the murderer used isn't the main issue (At least that is my opinion) but rather it is the killers evil will to commit the tragic crimes.

My thoughts are with the families, and I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is going to be for those who survived and won't understand why they were different from their friends and family. I know that survivors guilt is a terrible thing. I hope that all those who need help get it. Please don't forget about these families once the media leave the scene. It is the holiday season, one that is meant to be happy. These families wont have that. Keep them in your hearts.