Monday, March 19, 2012

SENTENCED TO LIFE without BIOLOGICAL PARENTS: Continuing the Fight of Senator Nancy Schaefer (Raymond Sturgis Speaks)

Book Description

 March 27, 2011
This composition is about the horrors of families parental rights being eroded in family courts and witnessing their children being sentenced to live life without them. See, I was watching television the other day and a young boy was being sentenced for a crime that he should not have committed. I saw people in the court, and I do not know if they were his parents or not, but what concerned me was that, when the young man spoke, trying to reconcile for his wrong, he spoke of growing up and aging out of the foster care system. That troubles me, because it seems that one out of every ten children grows up in foster care or without a father. They are asked to grow up in foster care, and if a family does not choose them, then they have to grow up without values and direction, which could have saved them from the vices of the streets. I grew up in foster care, after my parents could not get along, and my grandmother decided that beating the hell out of me was not changing my behavior. My siblings and I experienced foster care differently from the children of today, because I believe that the people who supervised the children in the agencies or homes were less abusive and more caring. Therefore, for the children and staff at the Denby Children’s Home and St. Francis Home for Boys, I dedicate this chapter to the lives of the people who society may never have known or have forgotten. I may be opening a can of worms coming off the critique of Child Family Services in my book EARLY DEPARTURES FOR THE SUN; however, my experience of the system could result in significant changes. There is a sad procedure in our society where people have unprotected sex, wait for the child to be born, then throw it to the wolves of the community with inappropriate parenting. The government could be blamed for all of this, because the problem of raising children apparently is old news.
Nevertheless, what the government puts families through while trying to feed them and save them from the streets is wrong. The government creates policies that send jobs, which many of us had worked, across the seas for cheap labor; later, they return with expensive products that many of us cannot afford. The government forgets about the family until they request help with food and other expenses, and while the parents are out looking for work, no one is responsible for watching the children. The pressure of trying to pay rent and utilities have left many illegally tampering with their shutoff utilities, just to keep their family warm during the winter months. Sadly, in Detroit, three young children were killed in a house fire, and a family of eight that also had illegal utilities lost a father and a son, who had lived down the street from me. Parents, understand that if you have children residing in your home and you do not have adequate shelter or utilities, then child protective services will take your children. The stress of having children results in parents abusing and neglecting their children while trying to solve their relationship problems. I have seen mothers driving nice cars and wearing expensive clothes while dressing their children in shabby, worn down attire. Also, parents who have substance abuse problems abuse their children and let their friends abuse their children. And after events like these, the children are removed and placed in foster care. Now, you would feel that it is best for the children; however, after you witness the hypocrisy of the system and the court, maybe your opinion would change.