Sunday, March 25, 2012



Stop into courtroom 4C in the Wake County Courthouse located at 316 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, North Carolina.  They conduct KANGAROO COURT daily.

A KANGAROO COURT is a common everyday term for a sham legal proceeding. The outcome of a trial by kangaroo court is essentially determined in advance, for the purpose of ensuring conviction (or in my case, whatever is to be interpreted as so-called “victory” while advancing the agenda of the State, County or other Government entity), either by going through the motions of manipulated procedure or by allowing no defense at all.  Here in North Carolina Chapter 7B of the North Carolina General Statutes have been written to accommodate such proceedings.  These statutes either circumvent and more often attempt to directly undermine the United States Constitution; for the sole purpose of making it easier to initiate an action or proceeding against Parents and entire Families, and to further prolong such proceedings “under the color of law” in the interest of generating Revenue for each of the agencies involved.
A KANGAROO COURT’S proceedings deny due process rights in the name of expediency and “Profit.” Such rights include; the right to summon witnesses, the right of cross-examination, the right not to incriminate oneself, the right not to be tried on secretevidence, the right to control one’s own defense, the right to exclude evidence that is improperly obtained, irrelevant or inherently inadmissible, e.g., hearsay, the right to exclude Judges on the grounds of partiality or conflict of interest, and the right of appeal.  Most of these rights are never completely realized in a KANGAROO COURT!  Many, not at all!
Speaking of appeals, I personally have several appeals pending from rulings that have originated from such sham proceedings.  My first appeal is still in process and the County attorneys have now filed yet another “Motion to Dismiss Appeal.”  That’s right, they filed their first “Motion to Dismiss Appeal” in District Court and were Denied by Judge James Fullwood in June, 2011; and have since filed their second “Motion to Dismiss Appeal” in July, 2011 with the North Carolina Court of Appeals.  Basically it comes down to the factthat they are “rolling the dice” hoping to get the appeal kicked on simple LUCK (for the second time)!  There are no grounds.  Despicable acts, you would ONLY expect from a scumbag Defense attorney with no morals and in particular, one with no other REAL basis by which to defend their position. These are the GAMES they play in KANGAROO COURT!
KANGAROO COURTS often claim immunity from prosecution or damages.   Not so fast; this violates both State and Federal Constitutions and there are exceptions under Title 42, Section 1983.  I have a Federal Action in the works bringing 32 Defendants forward to answer for their acts of deprivation and conspiring to deprive my entire family and I of our Constitutional Rights.  We are seeking relief in the form of an order requiring the immediate return of our minor children to our full legal and physical custody and other relief by way of back and front lost income, back and front medical and mental health expenses, actual, compensatory and punitive damages, and all legal fees and costs.
Because the Defendants acted knowingly, recklessly and in disregard of well-established law and agency guidelines and regulations, with no objective reasonable basis for their actions, they do not have qualified immunity from damages under the standards set forth by the United States Supreme Court, the United States Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, and by the Eastern District of North Carolina Federal Court.  Even judicial immunity is defeated with respect to the two Defendant District Court Judges when, “though judicial in nature,” their acts were “taken in complete absence of jurisdiction,” Mireles v. Waco (1991).  Furthermore, attorney immunity with respect to the Defendant court appointed attorneys (pretenders) is defeated since attorney immunity for intentional harm to one’s client was never so protected at common law, Tower v. Glover (1984)
These KANGAROO COURTS abuse their power each and every day with a wide rangediscretion; wide enough to render a reasonable defense or accountability impotent; specifically with regard to Judicial misconduct, the misconduct or unlawful acts of other Court Officers and the misconduct or unlawful acts of County Employees (Social Workers, Guardian ad litem, Mental Health Professionals, Etc.).  Then when you file a Motion to Recuse as I have in this case, after months of experiencing such incompetence and abuses of power, the Judges “close-ranks” and simply look out for one another.
This exists in Juvenile KANGAROO COURTS and other Courts associated with CPS in Abuse, Neglect, and Dependency cases.  In addition KANGAROO COURTS regularly rule in favor the State/County and without skipping a beat, they quickly support and adopt guidelines set forth in the ever-popular “SERVICE AGREEMENTS” generated by CPS which really helps to destroy the family and to strengthen the County’s agenda, while continuing to ignore any reasonable defense.
KANGAROO COURTS teach Pretenders (court appointed attorneys) how to coerce their clients into signing off on these long-term cookie-cutter “SERVICE AGREEMENTS” requiring front-loaded psychological evaluations, completion of CPS-driven parenting classes, and other so-called therapeutic services, Revenue generators ALL.   My wife has been victimized by these very acts of coercion and intimidation while her so-called (court appointed) Pretender not only stood by and allowed these constitutional violations, but even helped draft the language of these so-called “SERVICE AGREEMENTS” which were accompanied by various verbal, written, and implied “empty promises.”  All this, “after” my wife and I had reconciled our marriage and began the steps of seeking to address or marital issues.  As a result of this so-called “agreement” and the empty promises from CPS, my wife has not seen our children in over 11 months, not even to visit and they are separated by 3,000 miles!  THAT’S RIGHT, ALMOST AN ENTIRE YEAR & 3,000 MILES – FOR ALLEGEDLY VIOLATING AN UNLAWFUL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROTECTIVE ORDER THAT PURPORTED TO BE IN PLACE TO PROTECT HER FROM ME; WHICH IS NOW VOID – FROM THE BEGINNING – AS IF IT NEVER EXISTED???  Here are just a few documented statements from various conspirators.

“If you don’t do whatever they ask, you will never see your children again.”
Rick Croutharmel, Mother’s Pretender

“She must become self-sufficient rather than relying on Mr. Reale or his personal connections, including obtaining suitable housing.”
                                                            Julie Riggins, CPS

“Mrs. Reale appears to need assistance in this area.  While she denies any contact with Mr. Reale, she continues to involve herself in situations that are governed by Mr. Reale – such as housing, car ownership, utilities, income, etc.”
                                                            Julie Riggins, CPS

“This social worker notes that Mr. Reale does ask about Mrs. Reale and he continues to wear his wedding band indicating a commitment to Mrs. Reale.”
                                                            Julie Riggins, CPS

“I have continued to express concern for my wife’s wellbeing.  I will continue to wear my wedding band as a commitment to her as her husband.  I have no intention to file for legal separation, divorce or any other action requesting the dissolution of our marriage or our family.”
Ron Reale, Father/ Husband

“Mrs. Reale continues to state that the allegations she made against Mr. Reale were false and she stated that she coached the children to lie about Mr. Reale because she wanted to get away from him because the couple was simply not happy in their marriage.  She admits to doing the same type of thing before, in 2002”
                                                            Julie Riggins, CPS

“Mrs. Reale adamantly denies that anything she has said in the past against her spouse was true but says she will do whatever we ask her to do so she can get her children back.  She reports that getting the children is her only focus and that she will worry about the marriage later.”
                                                            Julie Riggins, CPS

“In the event that she (Mrs. Reale) reconciles with Mr. Reale, permanence will be delayed.”
Monica Bousman, District Court Judge

Then there’s the treatment of minor children; parroting the term “best interest of the children” these KANGAROO COURTS quite arbitrarily order similar services for the children involved.  So-called Experts are destroying children, drugging them needlessly; even using “adult only” psychotropics. They are not only destroying the child psychologically but physically.  Children who grow up without a father are 33 times more likely to be abused and an even higher percentage are abused while in Foster Care.  Children are being removed from loving homes with judicial rubber stamping who are not even close to imminent danger.  In our case, our minor children were removed based on the allegation that my wife and I violated a Domestic Violence Protective Order which was UNLAWFULLY entered by Judge Lori Christian in May, 2010.  That order has since been vacated as a Void, from the beginning, as if it never existed since it was deemed “unlawful” by the very Judge who entered the order.  However, the county and the KANGAROO COURT have refused to return our children.  Appeal pending…
KANGAROO COURTS allow case workers and pretenders to perjure and doctor paperwork without consequence.  The KANGAROO COURT rules allow hearsay (this is even written into the statutes under Chapter 7B) while child protection workers dig for more “dirt” on imperfect families often as far back as the parent’s “childhood” (going back in some cases as many as 25-30 years).  Judges in KANGAROO COURTS are legislating from the bench and are routinely and deliberately ignoring our civil rights as set forth in the United States Constitution while hiding behind the unconstitutional statutes of Chapter 7B (North Carolina General Statutes).
Children are disappearing by the thousands, even tens of thousands in this system, raising serious questions of both competence and child trafficking.  Adoption incentives are encouraging family destruction not family preservation.  There is even an incentive for CPS to keep parents apart (like in our case), since the Federal Government matches child support $$$, making payments directly to the agency (above and beyond the actual $$$ amount ordered).  Keep in mind that the $$$ award is higher when there is 0% custody than when custody is split 50%/50%; and when neither parent has custody, the $$$ award is calculated based on 0% for each parent ( i.e. the highest $$$ award).  In our case, my wife is under order to pay almost $1,000/mo. and I am under order to pay over $1,400/mo. based on the 0% since neither of us currently has custody.  Do the math; that produces a MATCHING amount of over $2,400/mo. paid directly to CPS by the Feds!  Not to mention that CPS also keeps/redirects the lion share of the original $2,400/mo. as “repayment” for WELFARE services provided to the Foster Care giver.  Legalized Racketeering???  Organized Crime???
There is no community education on this topic whatsoever.  The KANGAROO COURTS, Pretenders and CPS are deliberately keeping the community ignorant.  KANGAROO COURTS conspire with Pretenders and CPS who lie, minimize, and cover-up information routinely.  This system is quickly depleting the Social Security reserve.  Most of the public is oblivious to this system’s very existence and are obviously unaware of the millions of dollars spent on propaganda and other forms of misleading rhetoric.  Special interest groups along with progressives have an agenda of destroying families and their worth to the community in the name of “Dependency” of the Government and “Profits.”
The number of angry Citizens now affected continues to grow and they are becoming less Patriotic, realizing they no longer live in a country where they can obtain relief for their redress of grievances in particular when it comes to protecting and maintaining their family.  Psychological Associations, Medical Associations, The Judiciary, CPS, and even Drug Companies collaborate to make this complex system a financial benefit for each of them, and easy prey of targeted families.