Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Top 10 Reasons that you might be A CPS Victim.

10. You find yourself drugged so bad you can’t show emotions
9.You find yourself broke from fighting CPS
8.You are told you are guilty of a crime you did not commit
7.You are told you need anger management but the only reason you are angry is because of CPS
6.You do what CPS asks and it still is not good enough
5.You are told you don’t have enough money to support a kid or kids but they never did without when you had    them and yet they still demand that you pay child support.
4.You lost your job due to the many appointments they said you had to keep
3.You are subject to supervised visits because you question the system
2.You must use their psychiatrists that will say something is wrong with you because yours is not good enough
and the #1 reason is you want your family but they said no.
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