Tuesday, April 10, 2012



I'm writing to clear a few things up for people. There are certain people who clearly just don't understand. My wife and I aren't making money off of donations. The Causes donation to the Right --> is a charity donation to the Vitamin D Council. The picture is my facebook profile image. So for those who wish to throw accusations that We're "exploiting" my daughter for money... Do some research. We aren't taking money, we are just supporting the donation of money to an important cause. Next time do some RESEARCH before you throw out fraudulent accusations. Thank you.

For the rest of you who actually care about family values and the importance of bonding, I urge you to support the "Cause" to the right. As you can see, the government even likes to twist donations and charities against families that support them. Again, I urge you to at least look at our cause and think for yourself. Best of luck to you.