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Parents Golden Rules

Ian Josephs
The Parents Golden Rules by Ian Josephs
by Ian Josephs at

The Social Services Abuse of Children and Parents in Local Authority Family services.

TAKE EXTREME CARE IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT SOCIAL SERVICES FOR HELP AND ADVICE. Social services are removing children because the parents have a low IQ, the house is untidy, the parents are arguing or that there is no "routine" set for the children. Cases like these have been documented recently in many newspapers and on TV.

It is a public disgrace. No child should ever be removed from the family home unless there is evidence of severe physical abuse, sexual abuse, malnutrition, drug or alcohol dependency or severe neglect. Hearsay evidence should not be admissible in court. It is not admissible in criminal courts. When witnesses do not come to court themselves and cannot be cross examined.

Statements of social workers and their experts cannot be questioned, and worse still the video's made by children under pressure to say what they are told, often contain the most outrageous exaggerations and untruths, yet they have to pass completely unchallenged in the absence of the witnesses themselves. Also, clearly the sort of desperate parent who goes weeping to court to try and keep their children does not usually tolerate abuse of them.

So there should be a presumption of innocence in that respect unless there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Instead of the situation we have today "guilty and have to fight lies and corruption until presumed innocent". NEVER-NEVER AGREE TO LET YOUR CHILDREN GO INTO FOSTER CARE. ESPECIALLY IF THEY SAY IT IS TEMPORARY.

Once social services have decided a child should be taken into care or freed for adoption any resistance from the mother or father is considered as "non-cooperative". Social workers then use just about any means, and often go to any lengths to win their case without regard to changing circumstances or anything else but winning their case at court.

If a mother has a child in care and dares to give birth again a social worker has the right to go into the hospital and immediately take the child away from its mother and family with a view to getting it adopted by strangers.

This barbaric treatment is happening to mothers and families every day all over the country. After all adopters prefer babies don't they? The Children's Act 1989 enforced a blanket of secrecy over proceedings in the family courts.

The press and public are not admitted, and even grandparents, brothers and sisters are not allowed in court to support the distraught parents of the child concerned as they are very very rarely parties to the case. The ruling exists on the absurd basis that it protects the identity of the children, (from relatives who already know who the children are!!) What it does however is prevent the exposure of the injustices that occur so regularly from complaining publicly about the way they and their children have been treated.

If they reveal publically even the smallest detail of the court proceedings they risk prison for contempt of court. NEVER SIGN ANY DOCUMENTS THEY PRESENT TO YOU At the same time local authorities are more than happy to "advertise" the children whose identities all this secrecy is meant to be protect on a website
'Be my Parent' and in magazines such as "Adoption UK" with colour photographs, first names, ages, character descriptions, and financial incentives for potential adopters. There is no such secrecy in Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

When dealing with children criminal courts differ entirely from family courts. The judge decides the case in a family court "on the balance of probabilities", whereas real proved evidence is needed in a criminal court. Also, in a criminal court the children cannot be named, but what goes on at court can be brought out publicly. Whilst family courts are conducted in secret it gives the power for corruption, and the judge will nearly always find it more probable that the good, just social workers and their "well paid" experts are more accurate than the the hapless parent.

NOTE: 'Be my Parent' {Only some children are photographed, others are actors. My comment - is this not a dangerous issue, identifying children who are available for adoption - the child actors get paid, but should they be used.} Some social workers may be excellent in their work.

I am sure many have stopped cases of real abuse, but, even if only one child is abused by the social services, by being ripped from their parents and family and placed with strangers, then it covered up through the contempt laws, surely the social services should be investigated and the law changed.

I am sure some social workers firmly believe they are in the job to help children. I wonder how many have actually realised what is really happening to children and leave? If you consider the large shortage of social workers in children's services and the massive staff turnover they have.


Any one thinking of applying to be a social worker should spend an hour at a contact centre and listen to the children screaming, begging and crying to go home, whilst being held by staff or social workers, whilst they tell the parents to walk away. No normal loving, caring human being could do this. Some solicitors and barristers are better than others, but most just want to get through the case as easily and cheaply as possible. You must fight to get statements and witnesses to court on your behalf, especially your family doctor.

Remember your barrister can only present evidence at court which he/she knows about, so tell your solicitor everything that happens. It could be important, even if not to you. Keep a written diary of everything said and done. Never forget - You instruct your solicitor and barrister. Not the other way round. Do not be frightened of pushing for what you want.

I am so sorry if you a parent in my position, with your children snatched by your local authority. Reading this must be an utter shock to you as it was me, but you are now armed with the facts. Take whatever help you need from this website. It will help you know your rights. Never stop fighting to get your children back.

I always use the analogy "fight like a tiger would for her cubs". It doesn't help when people say they your children will come back to you eventually because you want to be a parent NOW, and every day without them you are missing out on their life, which you can never get back.

I sympathise entirely and my heart really goes out to you. Finally .... Just a thought .....What would social services have done many many years ago when a baby was born in an isolated stable full of animals, in the depths of winter without any heating or any medical person in attendance.

Would they believe the mother needed psychiatric help because she believes the father is God himself! Social services should hang their head in shame.


Yours sincerely,
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