Thursday, October 18, 2012

D status of breastfed infants low despite supplementation

15 October 2012
 Researchers in Turkey report that despite recommended daily vitamin D supplementation, the rate of vitamin D deficiency is high in 4-month-old breastfed infants.
The cross-sectional study published in the October issue of Pediatricsassessed vitamin D status of 143 exclusively breastfed infants supplemented with 400 IU of vitamin D.
Forty (28%) of the infants were vitamin D deficient (defined as ≤20 ng/mL) while 38.5% were insufficient (21-30 ng/mL). During winter months, 45.4% of infants had vitamin D levels <20 ng/mL and 10.6% of infants had levels <10 ng/mL.
The authors conclude,
“Despite supplementation with 400 IU of vitamin D daily, the rate of vitamin D deficiency was worryingly high in 4-month-old exclusively breastfed infants living in Izmir, Turkey.”
They call for additional research to clarify optimal D supplementation for the infants, especially during winter months.
Page last edited: 18 October 2012