Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What happens when a "Judge" falls asleep during a trial?


Judge: a high-ranking court officer, formerly a lawyer, who supervises court trials, instructs juries, and pronounces sentence

In ones life time, one hope, is to never find ones self before the court of law, being subjected to a system that sees not, the individual or the individual's life story, as a singular representation of the individual's content of his/her character.
The Courts are a system of unending confusion, with many swinging doors of conflict of interest between those that have, and those that have not.
Yet, the Judge, the one individual in the entire judicial system that is held higher than all of those that participate in the legal system, and it is the Judge that is the only entity within the entire judicial system that truly has control..., it's the Judge that is charged with refereeing the rules of law, and it's presentation by lawyers, to the extent that a Judge, ensure that rules are followed to ensure that neither side, are allowed any inkling of an advantage over the other.
Today, we have an opportunity to observe Judges on t. v. programs, such as Judge Mathis, and others, however, don't under estimate these shows as being pure entertainment, because, as a citizen that does not practice the law as most attorneys do, by watching these shows, you will learn the value of a judge, the significant's of a judge, and how his/her temperament sets the controlling behaviors in any and all cases that comes before him/her.

Imagine, Judge Mathis, or Judge Judy falling asleep during a trial

As American Citizens, we place our trust in the court systems, and when we find ourselves, standing in front of a Judge, for any reason at all, we "expect" the Judge to provide the epitome of professionalism, attention to detail, and blind aggression when applying the rules associated with any trail that comes before his/her court.
Each and every citizen that stands before a Judge, irregardless of the degree of complication associated with the case itself, mandates that the Judge is 100% in control of how the information presented by both sides, is done so, based on all the Judges authority of being the rules overseer. 

The Effect of a inattentive referee

Similar to any sporting event, the referee enforces the rules, and any referee, that fails in his/her responsibilities, then one team can capitalize on the referees lack of attentiveness, thus, thereby, providing a window of opportunity for one team to take advantage of the referee's flaws, causing the game to concluded with the team that took advantage of a referee's loss of focus.
In this instance, Administrative Judge Danial Madden Turbit, fell asleep during the trail itself, allowing rules to be broken, and as a result of Judge Turbit's falling asleep, significant ramifications cause the direct results of this trial, and those results directly affected the lives of all plaintiffs.

What rights does either side have if a Judge goes to sleep?

Huge, is the responsibility of a Judge, and his/her ability to referee a trial, directly effects the results of a trial, which directly effects, not only the plantiff's/defendants' entire family, but, all the individuals that the plaintiff/defendant associate with.
When the results of a trial is read, if the Judge fell asleep during the trail, the side that was negatively affect by a sleeping Judge, can cause lives untold amount of psychological  and emotional damage.
If a Judge falls asleep during a trial, not only should the judge be admonished, the entire trial ought to be re-tried at the expense of the state.
A Judge that falls asleep during any trial of any kind, really should be removed from the position of Judging, because he/she have negatively affected the lives of a huge number of people, and to do so, provides the evidence required to dismiss a sitting Judge.

Lives are negatively effect when a Judge falls asleep.

In My Opinion