Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beware of neonatal rickets

"Infants  is common in the period of a chronic malnutrition diseases, is caused due to insufficient vitamin d in the body, calcium and phosphorus metabolism disorders, calcium in the body cannot normally calm in growth on the part of the bone. So bone lesions, appear deformed. At the same time, also affect the nervous system, muscular system, hematopoietic system, immune system function. Combining from floor, although seldom directly life-threatening, but because of slow onset apt to be ignored, in the event of obvious symptoms, the body’s resistance has been a significant decline, far easier to pneumonia, diarrhea. Long course of illness, disease, case-fatality rate is high.  Therefore larger in children with mental and physical health hazards. Vitamin d in the body relies mainly on the formation of the Sun. In the skin due to Sun’s ultraviolet rays can be bone 7-dehydrogenation of cholesterol into bile alcohols (Vitamin D3).  Secondly, also containing a small amount of vitamin d in foods, more particularly in concentrated fish oil content. Occurring around the world have , temperate see.  Is located in the temperate zone in China, a high incidence of, particularly infants aged under 1 more often. Some pregnancy pregnant women in the winter and spring season, if no vitamin d and calcium supplementation in late pregnancy, newborn infants born very prone to congenital . Little Sun the neonatal period, and very few human milk, milk with vitamin d, does not meet the daily needs, lead to  aggravated, affecting growth and development. In order to prevent risk of  in children, after the birth and a half months, must be by taking cod liver oil."