Saturday, February 25, 2012

How the state encourages CPS workers

In case anyone was wondering, this is how our state rewards those who commit themselves to taking children from their families. This is the caseworker that took our son out away from us.

"CPS worker recognized as tireless, passionate and dedicated to protect victimized children

Becky Brewster Here is what Captain Dennis Marks, McMinnville Police Department, said in his nomination letter:

Becky Brewster has worked tirelessly for many years to protect children in the Yamhill County area which includes the City of McMinnville. She is very knowledgeable in the policies and laws related to protecting children and assisting families. She is a tireless and unwavering advocate for the safety of and the best opportunity for each child she is involved with. Every one of our detectives enjoys working with her and appreciates the skills and tenacity she brings to any case she is involved in.

She has earned the respect of our detectives for her willingness to take a stand if anyone proposes an idea that is not ethically acceptable in regards to the treatment of a child or in regards to the potentially conflicting responsibility of protecting parental rights. Becky has been a long standing partner to the McMinnville Police Department. She is able to quickly identify when there is a need for immediate action and promptly follows through with her responsibilities while staying aware of the roles that other agencies/partners will take. Becky is very aware of the importance of working as a team and understands we all have the common goal keeping children safe.

During the 2011 calendar year, Becky has assisted our detectives with many very difficult and intensive cases; many very significant sex abuse cases, including some with multiple victims in multiple families; and several other cases involving seriously injured babies often with no initially obvious suspects.

Becky has worked in DHS Child Welfare for over 27 years and assesses an average of approximately 144 cases of abuse or neglect per year. Over her career, this means she has worked nearly 4000 cases. We here at DHS thank the McMinnville Police Department for their nomination for the award. The McMinnville Branch has long known of Becky's passion for doing her job and believes this award is a welcome acknowledgement of her years of dedication to child safety. Congratulations!"