Monday, February 27, 2012

So they want to move our son...

The McMinnville CPS decided that it would be okay to move our almost 5 month old son to another foster home today. Some how they seem to think they can follow their own rules and avoid the law and just ignore using a family placement. As many of you know, our son should never have been taken from us in the first place because he has a medical issue and was not in any way abused or neglected.. But McMinnville CPS doesn't seem to care. In fact, they are even going against what Honorable Judge Tichenor stated in our disposition hearing where he didn't want our son to have to suffer from bonding issues. Yet, despite all of that, CPS thinks that putting our son with family isn't very important.

This is a section from the email our caseworker sent us:

"Thirdly, [Your son] had been referred and was seen by Dr. Madison, an endocrinologist at OHSU today.  The doctor asked about his history, even though she has received all of the previous notes/labs and she gave him a thorough examination.  Blood was drawn for a panel which will test various bone/blood levels, including his vitamin D and phosphate.  The results will be sent to DHS and Dr. Whittaker, who referred him.  Dr. Whittaker is not referring him for a third bone scan of his ribs.  At the time of his testimony he had not seen the second scan.  Now that he has, he is not referring for another scan.

Finally, I contacted [Linda's cousin-in-law], who indicated that her and her husband [Linda's cousin] want to be the resource for [your son].  The assigned certifier has attempted to contact them two times over the past week and has received no phone calls back.  Also, [family friend] has not contacted the certifier either.  Please understand that I am working to get him into a relative placement.  He will be moved to another foster home on Monday 2/27/12, in McMinnville, and will remain there until DHS can certify a relative and can place [your son] there."

The reason they are moving our son according to the CASA worker is: "All I know is that the current foster mom has a family emergency which forced her to ask DHS to remove [the baby] asap.  Also, per an email to your client on Wednesday from DHS, family members who have offered to be placements for Joss have not followed thru.  Linda should have been able to tell you that." Clearly she hasn't been paying attention to what has been going on, and clearly she isn't looking out for the best interest of our son.

From conversations with numerous family members it has been made very clear that there has not been an attempt to contact anyone. DHS/CPS isn't being honest, and we have our entire family group to testify to that. It is clearly wrong for CPS to pretend that they are trying to help our son or anyone in our family. The longer they have him in their custody, the more money they get. Our son has a medical condition, and they don't want to be proven wrong. We will continue to fight for what is right and true, and we will prevail. Just wait.