Saturday, February 11, 2012

One Week - 2000 visits

Today, 2/11/2012 it has been one week since I started this blog, and we have already had 2000 visitors come and read our story. For those who aren't caught up on our story, you can catch up here. In this week we have gone public, and worked toward sharing the information we have learned, and let many people see that our system truly is unjust. While we have explained what truly happened to our son many times, the state obviously has another agenda in mind. It should be known though that our story isn't alone. There are many others out there who have had their families torn apart unjustly, and it needs to stop. Medical misdiagnosis is a very dangerous thing to play with, and there needs to be new regulations put into place. For those who can help us, we are accepting donations to help pay for specialists who will be better able to explain what our son has. There are many great medical professionals out there willing to help. Our battle is with those who aren't willing to accept change, or choose to make a diagnosis without the proper medical information. Rickets is real, and it comes in many forms. Please make sure that you are giving your children appropriate amounts of vitamin D, and as far as that goes, make sure you yourself are taking care of your vitamin D. Thank you, and please continue to follow us and see where things go.