Monday, February 6, 2012

Disposition hearing Results

For those who have been following our story, and those who are new. We had our disposition hearing today to determine which steps the state is choosing to take against us. We certainly feared they would try to take our daughter too, as well as not return our son. The judge decided to allow us to keep our daughter, and pushed to have our son returned to us soon. He noted that he made his judicial decision based on "preponderance of evidence" and made it clear that he never would make this decision if the level of proof was "beyond a reasonable doubt." We certainly wish we could have had our son home today, but are also very relieved that they didn't take our daughter as well. The judge also noted that CPS needs to make steps to have our son in family placement as soon as possible. We will continue to fight for our son and our innocence, and I value all the support anyone can provide. Please feel free to comment or ask questions and I will respond fairly quickly. Don't let CPS get away with their mistakes. We need to take a stand and fight for true justice. Thank You.