Monday, February 6, 2012

Personal Reach Out

My wife and I have had many troubles, but none like we're facing now. Our happy family has been torn to shreds because of a medical condition we have no control over. Our attorney costs have been astronomical, but we go for the best when it comes to saving our son. Our system is surely corrupt. I ask, how is it possible to live in a nation where your liberties are guaranteed, and yet denied at the same time? Is it rational to feel that I should expect more from such a highly respected nation? We need to fix this. The psyche of our nation depends on this. Please help spread the word. Read our story and let people know how unjust this system has become. Families shouldn't be destroyed by the "preponderance of evidence." When taking a child there needs to be a higher standard. Stop hurting the innocent. Stop them from fighting to "prove" they are a hero. Our government needs to protect it's families, not its offices. Thank You.